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Balance & Sleep 2 for £20.00

Together this pair have been designed to help you survive stress, with a gentle clean, calm cleanse, helping to relax the mind and promote a better sense of wellbeing.

Made for each other to help get your body and mind working in perfect harmony.

Enjoy one cup of balance tea any time through-out the day to help balance and maintain your body's natural levels, relieving cramps and bloating as well as reducing fatigue. Made with a delicate balance of skin-cleansing, bone-strengthening leaves such as rooibos, nettle, fennel and ginger, which also help lift your spirits and calm your nerves.

Pair with one cup of caffeine-free sleep tea in an evening to give you a relaxed and peaceful nights sleep. Made with a delicate balance of nerve-calming, stress-relieving ingredients such as St John's wort, lavender and hop petals, which help you drift off naturally and wake up feeling refreshed.

NO.03 Benefits
  • Optimises mental performance, helps to enhance memory, mood and alertness
  • Improves blood circulation, helping to maintain good hormonal balance in the body
  • Aids in detoxifying the body and provide relief from bloating & premenstrual symptoms
  • Boosts the immune system and helps to maintain healthy skin and hair
  • Improves absorption of essential nutrients in the body, loaded with antioxidants.

1 tsp 5-7mins 100ºc
85g makes around 42 cups
Re-infuse up to 2 times making 84 cups!

Blended using only the finest organic ingredients.

Rooibos Natural, Nettle, Rosehip, GreenTea China Jasmine, Ginger, Fennel, Mate Green, Pu Erh Tea China, Cinnamon Sticks, Cocoa Nibs, Pink Pepper, Strawberry, Rose Petals, Cardamon.

NO.04 Benefits
  • Helps promote good sleep and provide relief from insomnia
  • Cleanse and detoxify the body, helping to maintain a healthy weight and good digestive health
  • Helps to soothe and relax the muscles, providing relief from aches and pains
  • Boosts emotional health and wellness, helping to induce relaxation and sleep
  • Helps fight anxiety and stress, easing the mind and calming the body

1 tsp 7-10mins 100ºc 
85g makes around 42 cups
Re-infuse up to 2 times making 84 cups!

Blended using only the finest organic ingredients.

Date, Apple, Balm, Raspberry Leaves, Camomile, Carrot, Fennel, Lemon Peels, Verbena Leaves, Natural Flavouring, Yarrow, Hop Petals, St Johns-Wort, Peach, Lavender, Cornflower Blue.

Does not contain Senna

"Fantastic tea, fabulous price and excellent customer service. Love the modern packaging and the teas have an excellent flavour and taste amazing!"

Rebecca Stonehouse

"Most definitely the loveliest herbal tea I’ve tasted. I’ve been trying to switch to herbal tea for years but have never found teas that taste this good. Absolutely delicious."

Sam Currie

"Absolutely love Zo tea, I have been drinking the detox ones and can highly recommended, I used to drink normal tea but I am definitely converted!"


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