Why choose ZO Tea?

Each and every product in the ZO tea range is 100% natural and certified organic, high in minerals, vitamins and nutrients, which work together to energise and boost your wellbeing designed to complement a healthy lifestyle. Containing only the very best ingredients selected only from controlled organic cultivation, without using any chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Every blend is sorted by hand, mixed and packaged in small fresh batches, this is how we guarantee you the customer, the highest quality and unique enjoyment of ZO tea.

What does 100% Organic actually mean?

For us, 100% organic represents the fundamental standard of quality. We work hard to provide blends that offer absolute premium taste at the highest quality standard. Only the very best ingredients from around the world are used in our organic tea blends. Organic teas derive from controlled organic cultivation, this process does not include the use of any chemical fertilisers and plant protection products. It is a mandatory requirement that all products labelled organic must be certified by an approved certification body. You the consumer can rely on the fact that products that comply with organic standards, have been produced or processed by approved operators and packed according to strict environmental standards. That’s us here at ZO tea, certification provides assurance that this is the case. Our certification number:

01636/17 GB-ORG-04

How much tea will I receive?

You will receive 85g of Organic loose leaf tea in each tube. You will need 2g of loose tea per cup, this will make around 42 cups of tea.

What are the directions for consumption?

The exact brewing time is more a matter of taste and preference, but you can find our recommended steeping times on each product page and on the teas packaging. Simply add 1tsp of your chosen tea blend into a tea sac or infuser and steep for the recommended time and voila! Fresh loose-leaf tea to enjoy! We believe that combining our blends with a healthy balanced diet full of wholesome, nutritious foods together with an active lifestyle will help you achieve a better sense of wellbeing.

How should I store my tea?

Once purchased, the most important thing for your tea is that it stays dry. Store in the air-tight tube in which ZO tea is supplied and it will stay fresh for up to 2 years. Each blend’s exact shelf life can be found on the bottom of your ZO tea packaging.

Do ZO tea blends cause a laxative affect?

No, our tea blends do not contain Senna. The Senna leaves are very difficult to digest and known for their laxative effect which can be very unsettling for your body and rob you of all the important nutrients you need to stay fit and healthy. We offer tea that can be enjoyed safely and consumed by everyone, completely free from the side effects often associated with tea blends containing Senna leaves.

Do your blends contain caffeine?

Here at ZO tea we create tea blends for mind, body and soul, with that in mind we have developed blends with and without caffeine to suit your lifestyle and wellness goals. The green tea blends contain caffeine but in contrast to the caffeine in coffee, the caffeine in tea is released over a longer period of time rather than the hit of caffeine more often associated with the caffeine in coffee. Green tea has an invigorating effect on your nervous system, but because of its tannins, it also has a calming effect on the stomach and intestines. However, the Rooibos tea blends are caffeine free, perfect for anyone avoiding caffeine and can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Herbal tea blends are also caffeine free and offer a great alternative due to their natural qualities and can also be enjoyed anytime of the day.

Will the tea affect my contraceptive pill?

Any ingredient can unfortunately trigger different reactions in different people, side effects on the effectiveness of your oral contraceptive can never be completely eliminated, we therefore recommend you consult your doctor first. The same applies to the consumption of our tea during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Is ZO tea suitable for Nut/Gluten Allergy sufferers?

All our teas are very carefully sourced, and we never add anything to our blends that contain gluten. However, we cannot guarantee 100% that all our blends are completely free from traces of nuts, we always include all our ingredients on the label, nothing hidden! Just 100% organic premium ingredients.