Zo Tea Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Feel Amazing


100% Natural Organic Ingredients

Each of our teas are carefully blended in small quantities by experts with leaves grown on farms practicing environmentally responsible farming methods. No chemical fertilisers, no pesticides or fungicides, no senna; just great-tasting, organic loose leaf tea.

A Tea for Every Lifestyle

Our range of organic loose leaf tea's have been created to suit your lifestyle. Our mission is to help you find balance, so make it your ritual and enjoy a better sense of wellbeing.

"Absolutely love Zo tea, I have been drinking the detox ones and can highly recommended, I used to drink normal tea but I am definitely converted!"


"Fantastic tea, fabulous price and excellent customer service. Love the modern packaging and the teas have an excellent flavour and taste amazing!"

Rebecca Stonehouse

"Most definitely the loveliest herbal tea I’ve tasted. I’ve been trying to switch to herbal tea for years but have never found teas that taste this good. Absolutely delicious."

Sam Currie

Having tried herbal teas in the past and not enjoyed them, I have found these ZO teas the most pleasant to drink. I rarely drink decaf now as I enjoy these blends much more.

Thank-you Lauriene

Double your Detox


Certified Organic