About Us

ZO is a UK-based, independent company that specializes in premium, organic loose-leaf tea. It’s fair to say we know a thing or two about tea here in the UK – we drink about 165 million cups a day, give or take a few. But with so much of it being drunk, why settle for ordinary tea when you can enjoy the extraordinary benefits of detoxifying mind, body and soul?

Our range of organic teas have been created to suit your lifestyle. Each one carefully blended in small quantities by experts with leaves grown on farms practicing environmentally responsible farming methods. No chemical fertilisers, no pesticides or fungicides, no Senna; just a great-tasting, 100% natural organic experience.


Our Story

As a photographer I have always appreciated beautiful design, but more importantly to me, was the design of the tea blends themselves.

After many years of suffering with digestive problems, I eventually found relief through a variety of different wellness tea's, added benefits included clearer skin, more energy and a greater sense of wellbeing.

I was inspired to research and develop my own brand of teas after reading negative reviews and articles about some of the blends I was drinking, and the potentially harmful ingredient Senna. My goal became to offer blends that promote general wellbeing, with the benefits of a cleanse that is 100% laxative free and kind to our bodies long term.

ZO Tea was born from a desire to produce a product I truly believed in, only satisfied to use the very best ingredients, ZO tea’s ethos really is about showcasing the natural beauty and benefits of the ingredients. Sourced from the best tea gardens around the world, nothing hidden, just 100% organic premium loose leaf tea that I am happy to drink myself.

I now proudly introduce to you a selection of carefully blended wellness teas with health and wellbeing at its very core so make it your ritual, enjoy wellbeing!